Deborah L Wells Attorney at Law - Bartow, Florida

Practicing law since 1991, Deborah L Wells specializes in criminal defense, dependency, and cases involving custody of a minor by a relative. She has been a citizen of Polk County since 1980 and has been practicing law in Polk and Hardee County (Tenth Judicial Circuit), since her admission to the Florida Bar.

Ms. Deborah L Wells has been the recipient of multiple awards and certificates in the Tenth Judicial Circuit for dependency law, striving to ensure the wellbeing of children while assisting parents, children, and family members in battles with the Department of Children and Families.

Well versed in depenency and criminal defense law, Ms. Deborah Wells has taught continuing legal education courses for other Florida lawers.

Ms, Deborah L Wells represents a wide variety of criminal defense cases at the trial level. Everything from dangerous dogs to first degree murder cases.

If you or a family member are in need of legal repesentation for a dependency law or criminal defense trial, please contact us here.

Deborah L Wells, Attorney At Law, serving families since 1991.

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