Reasonable Prices

Very easy to talk to and advises you what to do so you ll be in a better situation…and the price very reasonable especially when u in need of some reasonable prices 🙂

The girl

Good Lawyer

Heard nothing but good things about her! Glad to find someone who is actually knowledgeable in dependency cases!



Deborah Wells is an OUTSTANDING person and Attorney.  I have known her for over 30 years, and can honestly say she is a kind and compassionate individual, but has zero tolerance for those who seek to harm good people.  I would recommend her to ANYONE who is looking for an EXCEPTIONAL lawyer to defend them.  She has always been a perfectionist with an eye for detail and the skill and experience you just cannot beat when looking for the best defense/divorce/family law Lawyer that money can buy.  She has always been someone who fights for justice, and I would hire her to defend anyone in my own family if I wanted the BEST and an EXCEPTIONAL Attorney!  That is really the highest praise considering I’m the son of a fellow Florida Bar Member.  Deborah has decades of experience, and is truly the BEST at what she does.  The hiring of an Attorney is not something you should do without making sure you are hiring someone with exceptional skills, and it’s quite easy to verify that Deborah L. Wells is truly one of the ABSOLUTE BEST Defense, Divorce, and Family Law Attorneys in all of Central Florida!  It only takes a few short minutes of research to see what a MAGNIFICENT Lawyer she is!

Budd G.

She is a Phenomenal Attorney

I had ms.wells represent me with my dcf case. She is a phenomenal attorney. Even though i dont have custody of my children she advised me of what was the best to do for my children. And i took her advise and thought about my children first. I would recommend her to anyone i know

Dawn E Pelham



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